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The Process of Creation of Something, Somewhere

Missing You

Cat says: "You Startled Me!"

"In an Election Year, it's So Hard To Be A Nice Person," said Caryn and not Hillary

Moonlit Carnation Rose - Fantasy Flowers

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Bow to Basquiat--The Rage Inside

By Special Request: FUGGEDABOUDIT!"

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The Bird People

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The Turquoise Forest

The Fantastical Full Moon Make A Wish Bird

Life in a Volcanic World

The Ninja's Lurking Tiger

Just wondering, "bearded ladies," where have they all gone? That used to be the cutting edge of weird when I was growing up.

Party Invitation: Come Join Us Won't You?

Fitbit Rebellion

The Adventures of Inspector Catto

Green Egg Trees in the Park

Egg Trees in the Park

April Showers on April Flowers

A Soft and Gentle Flower

Tell Me Not to Eat It, I Dare You!

Almost Time for the Hummingbirds to Return