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Love in the Afternoon


Last night, while I was sleeping, Anne Boelyn used my computer to send a message from the other side to Henry.

The Return of the Turban

I'm an artist. I don't clean house. I wouldn't recognize a duster if you put one in my hand.

Jillian, Goat-girl, has lost her goats, for the moment.

Find Meaning in Random Ideas

Natash was going to talk to her daughter about the birds and the bees but she couldn't find any bees.

It's Winter and Under the Cover of Darkness, Mother Nature is Preparing For the Coming Spring

The Enchantress

Stay Safe and Warm During the Storm

Three Kitties in the Window Watching the Snow and the Birds

Cat Lick

I have My Eye on You

"I'm Here!" Cat says.


Other Life Forms

"Life is a Goblet Full of Sweet/Tart Cherries"

Four Wallpaper Designs

Coloring Book Kitty Number 2

First Snow of the Season--Still Longing for Spring


The Birds Are Always Communicating With Us. Take the Time to Listen to What They Have to Say.

Brillo Pad for Hair, Forgot to Use Conditioner

Old Blue Eyes

Be Kind Always

Cat for My New Coloring Book

The Black and Blue Cat

The Good Earth

Oh, now I know why I didn't win the Powerball, I forgot to cross the fingers on my other hand too!!

I Did Not Win the Powerball Tonight and I Am Pissed!

#Creative Every Day: My Normal Day

An Old Cartoon Idea Re Easter Island

Old Cartoon from Sketchbook: "What?"

Protect Yourself from Negative Energy by Surrounding Yourself with Positive Energy

Start of a New Creative Challenge for 2016, Every Day Creative: Mixed Media Painting: "Love on the Fly"