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The Big Doodle

The Early Bird at Sunrise

Bathing Cat

A Guilty Pair of Cats

Fat Cat asks: Diet? Why?

Midsummer Flowers, Maybe Monet

Abstract: Meet In the Middle

Off prompt: Charcoal face. Had a pre-made background and starting drawing over it.

ICAD Prompt: Kimono

The demure Black and White

Today's ICAD Prompt is Black and White: Quote Begins with "Men are From Mars"

The Meeting of the Board of the Bird Fashion Police

The Mermaid Noted that Fishtail Dresses are Always in Fashion

ICAD Prompt for Today: Saturday Night Live-Here's Steve Martin's King Tut

Damn! I Lost My Focus!

Wishing everyone much prosperity with the prosperity cat!

The Mystery of Who Done It!

The Fearless Leader

Swimming Under Water in the Lagoon

She's Known as "Chicken Mama" from Paris, France

Searching for Butterfly Houses Among the Fireflies

The Green Goddess

Purple Hair in Paradise

Index-Card-A-Day Prompt: Chess or Checkers. I Chose Chess Queen

The New Ring

Marge, The Backgammon Champion of the World

Contemplation in Blue

Happy Fourth of July

Acronym with the Word Trivia