Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tea, the Elixer of Life

Someday in the Future, Travel the World in Your Convenient Fast-Extend Yurt.

A glimpse into future fashion world: We will each travel the world like nomads with special shoes, carrying our own house everywhere we go, just as turtles do (there is a special place inside for our cats and dogs to travel with us in comfort. It is a fast-extend yurt with pockets full of edible seeds and other convenient and healthy snacks. Our special shoes will suck up water when we wish them to and it will be instantly purified on the suck up. Our head is covered with a wig which will make sure our bodies are always kept at the perfectly controlled temperature no matter what the outside temperature is.Beneath the yurt is the solar powered travel machine for quick get-aways (once again using tiny ray catchers on the outside of the yurt attire). The conveyance is self-cleaning and is constantly bathing the human body with lovely smelling cleaning agents in preparation for the social gatherings in tribal centers. Okay, I just made this silly drawing and needed to justify the crazy outfit. On the other hand, I might be just as good at predicting the future as H.G. Wells! smile emoticon

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