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Today's ICAD prompt is: Telephone. To hell with technology, remember how much fun these used to be!

It's So Hot Even the Cats are Eating Cones

One of My Favorite Little Birds - Tufted Titmouse

ICAD Prompt: Exotic: Prudence from the Planet Juno


Sketchbook Sketch

ICAD Prompt: Geometric - Her thought: "I was just thinking, as I often do, that a rhombus is a simple quadrilateral all of whose sides have the same length."

All You Can Do is Hope

Cartoon Mermaid

Mermaid of the Deep

Artist Greeting Card Namast - Art

Collage Before Photoshopping: "I've Taken Back My Power"

She's Taken Her Power Back!

Learn to Soar Through Life, Jump Aboard a Wing and Fly

If Birds Wore Clothes, #13 ICAD Challenge

I'm calling it a Tibetan Dragon Flower!

Day 10 ICAD, Prompt: Eggplant and Ginger so Eggplants for Hair

ICAD Day 9, Prompt: Carrots and Lemons

ICAD, Day 8, Prompt: Grapefruit and Cherries

Two Fish

Going Dotty --ICAD, day 7

Prompt: Taxi Day 6: Townie Taxis, Which One Would You Take?

Owl Dresses for Success

ICAD, Day #3 Prompt: Maps, 100 Year Old Turtle Needs Map

Day Two ICAD Prompt: Carnival. "The Masked One"

Abstract Chevrons

First Day of ICAD - Index-Card-A-Day Challenge

Stylized May Flowers