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Happy New Year

Stella by Starlight Out of the Sea

A Woman Called Francesca from the Year 2115

I'm in the Mood for Crepes Suzette

It's Love!

The Gray Lady

Rescue the Little Kitties

Somewhere in the World the Flowers are in Bloom

The Lilac Mask

Inspired by Mayan Glifs

A Proper English Lady 1930

Symphony Under the Stars

Does Having Pharrell's Hat Make You Cool?

Rescue critters at your local ASPCA--they're the best most loving animals you will ever find anywhere!

What's the Deal?

I'm in the Mood for Afternoon Tea

Santa on Ice

Tired Santa

Christmas Angel

This tradition always worked before the "Elf on a Shelf"

Green and White Christmas Cats

Christmas Kitties

Cat Bird

Santa's Little Helper, sort of

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Woman on Fire - Melting the Snow

Twins in Pompeii

Your Astrologer Knows

Church Lady

She reminds me of the lyrics: "Is that all there is? If that's all there is, my friends. Then let's keep dancing. Let's break out the booze and have a ball."

Good Advice From Your Fairy Godmother

The Lady in Red

Have You Ever Seen A Fairy?

Have a Happy Halloween!

It's the Joyful, Colorful Time of the Year. Run Like a Pumpkin Through the Autumn Leaves!

The Moon Goddess Overseeing the Harvest

Sweet Cat Dreams

The Last Indian Summer

Halloween's a Coming and I've Been Waiting in this Pumpkin Patch for a Very Long Time

Time for a Post. This is "Kitty Du Jour"

Moon Maiden

The Artist

Abstract Flower Too

Abstract Flowers

Mother Nature's Daughter

29 Faces - Final Picture - Changed Background Color

29 Faces - The Last One

29 Faces Challenge - Two Out of Thin Air From Yesterday