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Nasty Woman Gets Her Revenge. Merry Christmas to everyone except the Drumpf and his family and his proposed Administration!

"She Longed for a Tuna Melt"

"Wind in Her Hair"

A Girl and Her Cat

Marla had past her prime but she believed the dyed red hair and purple lipstick made her relevant again.

Taking a Break

The Princess and the Christmas Fairy

This is the Riddle: I am 60 years old if a day and I am new born today.

She Put on a Little More Makeup

Aboriginal Amoeba

Dusty Blue Memories

Collage Patterns


Many of Us Are Asking, "What the Fuck?"

Escape into the City

What's It All About, Alfie?

What Could I Have Been Thinking?

Day Dreamer

Stalking the Wild Asparagus on a Spooky Halloween Night


She Chose the Blue Wallpaper to Match Her Eyes

She's Action Oriented

Reworked Oldie: "Two of a Kind"

#29 Faces Challenge, #30, The Very Last One 2016

Collage Contains All of the 29

#29 Faces, Collage of all 29 Faces, September 2016

#29 Faces, The Last One, "Hatshepsut, the Second Female Pharaoh, Returns"

#29 Faces, Day 28, "She Had Lived with Cats For So Long, She Had Fur For Hair"

#29 Faces, Day 27, "Naked Graphite Lana"

#29 Faces, Day 26, "In the Shadow"

#29 Faces, Day 25, "The Ghost - Did You Ever Think They Might Be More Scared of You?"

#29 Faces, Day 24, "She Sees A Ghost"

#29 Faces, Day 23, "She May Have Seen A Ghost"

#29 Faces, Day 22, "A Modified Gibson"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 21, "I'm Worried, Are You Worried?"

#29 Faces, Day 20, "At the Grocery Store with the Grocery List on the Counter in the Kitchen at Home...Again"

#29 Faces, Day 19, "Owl Woman, She Knows Everything About Everything"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 18, "The Red Splotch Witch"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 17, "Kelly Green is Making a Fashion Come Back This Year"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 16, Gel Pen Scribble Face

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 15, "Looking Forward to 'Project Runway'"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 14, "The Girl with the Baroque Pearl Earring and the Hair Weave

29 Face Challenge, Day 13, "Oh Yeah, She Had a CanaryThat Laid a Golden Egg Every Day!"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 12, "The Dreamer"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 11, "She Had an Aura About Her"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 10, "Return of the Bouffant"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 9, Just a Cartoon Character Face

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 8, "Getting Ready for the Festivities"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 7, "She Could Not Believe Her Eyes"

#29 Faces Challenge, Day 6, "Out of the Garden"